Filicudi Island

Filicudi, old Phoenicusa, is the penultimate island in the northwestern part of the Aeolian archipelago. Its typical vegetation of ferns ( «feici») where it derives its name, covers most of the island to the highest peak: Fossa delle Felci, with an altitude of 774 m.

Natural Reserve on the Filicudi Island
Natural Reserve on the Filicudi Island

Fossa delle Felci is an ancient extinct volcano which has a projection to the southeast constituted by the peninsula Capo Graziano, where they found the remains of a prehistoric village in the XVI century B.C.

The small, evocative peninsula Capo Graziano rises from the southern part of where you can reach Filicudi porto. Here modern archeology has brought to light the remains of a circular hut village, dating back to the Bronze Age. There are three villages on this island – Filicudi Porto, Pecorini and Valdichiesa.

The Canna, huge basalt cliff rising more than 70 meters high braving the sea and the wind god Aeolus.

La Canna Filicudi
La Canna Filicudi

Similarly, a boat trip along the coast of Filicudi allow us to get into the usual sea caves that have generated immense vaults where the refraction effect of light on the water produce impossible blue tones. The best known of Filicudi is the Bue Marino.

When it gets dark one, typical of the island Malvasia wine refreshes the throat and encourages the soul to the people of Filicudi.

Excursions Filicudi – Monte Fossa delle Felci

The tour will take you to the top of this ancient extinct volcano (773 meters s.n.m.). It will take about an hour and a half tour of Valdichiesa a path that climbs the southeast side of the mountain. From here, the tour is arduous and takes about 5 hours, but when you reach the top, you will be rewarded by the view that encompasses the entire archipelago.

Shortly before Valdichiesa, you can take a detour along a beautiful trail immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation, which takes about 40 minutes to the town abandoned Zucco Grande climbed the slope of the volcano.

Filicudi boat trip

The sea is the main attraction of Filicudi, unpolluted and rich flora and fauna, as well as highly suggestive corners. The tour takes us to the west, steep and barren hillside, where the best diving seabeds. Here beautiful open sea caves, the most famous is the Grotta del Bue Marino, accessible by boat. According to legend, the cave would be monstrous creatures, entering the grotto occasionally hear those «monstrous» sounds emitted by the sea. Not far from there is Punta del Perciato a lava promontory where the sea has opened a natural arch. Going to Alicudi reach the Canna, an imposing cliff 70 meters above the sea, beloved by divers thanks to its seabed highs life.

Where to sleep in Filicudi

The island has hotels to stay, and it is advisable to book in advance as the summer months there is a lot of tourism, filled and no free accommodation. If you are interested you may contact our partner hotel we can write.

How to get to Filicudi

There are ferry services from Milazzo to Filicudi: