Excursions organized in Sicily

We recommend excursions in Sicily with our partners, experts in english tours exclusive guides to the most important destinations on the island.

The proposed routes are ideal to know the nature, archaeological areas and cities of Sicily, traveling in vehicles used depending on the group of people, car, van, minibus.

Transfers in Sicily
Transfers in Sicily

We also have a network of guides in English for walking tours of the cities, teaching activities a couple of hours most suggestive corners (including Calabria).

Select one of the excursions and ask for more information so that we can prepare you an unforgettable day. Or if you want us we suggest the most interesting destinations personalized depending on the places that appeal to you (archaeological sites, natural areas, churches, etc …)

Transfers in Sicily

If you get to Sicily and you  need transportation to get from the airport of Trapani, Palermo or Catania to the hotel. we can offer a personalized transfer.

Write us to know more about the different trips and Excursions in Sicily