Egadi Islands (Aegadian)

The Egadi, or Aegates, islands are a small archipelago of three islands, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo opening the Mediterranean off the coast of Trapani. Favignana, the largest, is just 6 kilometers, and Marettimo, the farthest is about 35 kilometers. Egadi temperatures in the range from 6 degrees on average in January and February to 45 in the middle of August.

Cala Rossa. Favignana Island
Cala Rossa. Favignana Island


With just five thousand inhabitants, the ratio of the Egadi Islands to the sea is indissoluble. And thus confirm the prehistoric paintings in the caves of Levanzo.

They egadi the Carthaginians became the strategic base, and not in vain its coast lived one of the most famous battles of the ancient world. In the 242 fully A.C. I Carthaginians and Romans Punic War they shed their blood giving name to Cala Rossa, where sea water stained red. The victory of the Romans sank fifty ships, and seized other seventy, confirm and settle the control of the Romans in Sicily.

Arabs and Normans Egadi used as a platform for their conquests in the Mediterranean, and the same use gave the Barbary pirates hiding in coves prey to start the shores of the Mare Nostrum.

However, it was not until the formation of the Barony tuna in the fifteenth century, when the Egadi live its peak economic point. The richness of its schools of tuna allowed to lay the foundations of a solid and almost the only economy where the canneries, the Tonnare were the engine, while the Mattanza, entailed preservation of a culture and popular tradition itself.

History tells us that the abuse of tuna fishing has led to the Mattanza is today only a testimonial show, and especially tourist aspect.

In 1874 the Genoese bankers sold the islands to the magnate Ignazio Florio, who in turn transferred the autonomy of the Aegadian the Italian state in 1937.

Boat Trips Favignana & Levanzo
Boat Trips Favignana & Levanzo

What To see in the Egadi

The Egadi are special and within our trip to Sicily and form for themselves a journey within the journey. The we can conceive as a relaxing getaway where you can enjoy your relaxation, and as far as possible avoid August when tourism, especially Italians is intense.

The beaches and coves of the Egadi are one of its biggest claims, with postcards reproduced infinitely Cala Azzurra or Cala Rossa. But that is not all: caves, bike trails, unique landscapes such as the stone quarries of Favignana that were used for the construction of hundreds of palaces in Sicily and Italy; places to snorkel, swim in turquoise waters, try the local cuisine in the restaurants of the islands …. within a «sea» of activities to do in our stay.

The local cuisine is logically marina, and highlights the swordfish and tuna variants. the «cassatedde» are the typical desserts of the Egadi, fried ravioli stuffed with ricotta and chocolate chips, sprinkled with sugar.

Egadi Islands
Egadi Islands

How to get to the Egadi

To reach the Egadi services there Ustica Lines and Siremar offering, ferries (veloce mototraghetto or tradizionale) and hydrofoils (hydrofoils) from Trapani. in summer the frequency increases. In addition, between the islands there are numerous services that allow you to connect the Egadi quickly. Favignana to Levanzo it takes just 10 minutes and Marettimo about 30 minutes. According to the schedules of the two companies it is more advisable to buy only one-way ticket. As always if there are hydrofoils you rush the solution, and whether to reduce budget, the boat trips are cheaper and more allow you to enjoy your trip to the Egadi.

Where to sleep

Favignana is the island with more hotels, apartments or houses, and usually to visit based on boat trips the other islands. If you want to stay in Favignana recommendations you can recommend some of the best places.