Car Rentals in Sicily

Undoubtedly renting a car is the best way to visit Sicily. In the airports of the biggest cities, such as Catania or Palermo, you can rent a car to travel around the island. The road network has also free highways, such as the Catania – Palermo highway, the Catania – Messina highway (it is applied a charge only for a short distance), the Palermo – Trapani – Mazara del Vallo highway and the Palermo – Messina toll motorway, recently completed.

Main roads in Sicily
Main roads in Sicily

The mountainous areas do not have the same infrastructure and it is common to find paths with several curves. The roads do not partially have signs and markings, and sometimes have holes. On the road you should be careful, though Sicilian drivers are not too dangerous because the deficiencies in the use of flashing arrows and the state of the roads make them very careful, with some exceptions regarding the speed limits.

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Sicilian Highways

It is common to have many interesting places to visit within few kilometres and these are not always well connected by buses and trains. Renting a car will avoid unnecessary loss of time. The price for car rental and fuel is higher than abroad, so you would better to rent a GPL car to save money.
Regarding to driving, the reputation of Italian drivers has no boundaries and Sicily is not an exception. The driving rules are not always respected, and the use of arrows is replaced by gestures, accelerations or beeps.

Map of Sicilian roads

Perhaps you should think twice before hire a car to visit the biggest Sicilian cities, because traffic jams are very frequent. Here some tips for those who rent a car in Sicily: pay attention to your parking place and to possible muggings committed by motorcyclists. Don’t leave objects in the car when you park it.

Information about distances between the major cities and Sicilian airports

Car rental prices in Sicily

The price of car rental, as well as gasoline, are above the price in our country, although the rise caused by the entry of the euro has made prices equal.

In recent years the price of car rental has increased quite a bit in Sicily and on other islands such as Sardinia. The main reason was the increased cost and scarcity of electronic chips for vehicles in the international market. This has made it easier for rental agencies to get hold of new cars.

If we also add it to the increase and recovery of tourism after the health crisis, the increase in general prices, gasoline, etc… and also to the fact that many people decide to travel to Sicily in the months of July and August, which means a greater demand of cars in those months; we can understand why sometimes the prices can be very high.

Driving in Sicily

Regarding driving, the fame of Italian drivers transcends borders, and Sicily is no less. Often, circulatory rules are disregarded, and the use of turn signals is replaced by steering wheel gestures, acceleration, or honks. In any case, there are opinions for all tastes, from people who do not think it is so exaggerated to people who think it is dangerous. In the end, common sense prevails and it is enough to be attentive to the way others drive to adapt. In addition, renting a car in Sicily is the best way to get to know the island.

Perhaps we should think twice when going into the big cities, since traffic jams are frequent in Sicily.

Tips car rental in Sicily – How to hire cheap and well

Perhaps the best recommendation before traveling is to rent the car as far in advance as possible. In other words, if you have already bought the plane tickets and more or less have the itinerary of places to visit defined, do not wait any longer, close the car rental to prevent prices from rising progressively. It is a typical mistake not to do so, especially when the holidays in Sicily are in the summer months.

Another piece of advice regarding car rental in Sicily is not to neglect the parking space, nor underestimate the assaults on cars already booked by motorcycle pickpockets, who usually prey on tourists who leave objects in sight in the cars, or pull.

And how to rent a car?

Check the main airports to compare car rental prices, or rent your vehicle through our website with the guarantee of a specialist in car rental in Sicily and throughout Italy and the world, without cancellation or change fees of the reservations and with the optional all-risk insurance in the rental.

In just one click you will be able to see the cheapest offers and prices from the main car rental companies such as Hertz, Sixt, Goldcar, Avis and other local agencies in Sicily such as Sicily By Car, which have interesting options for car rental. They also offer large vehicle options such as vans or minivans if we are traveling in a group.