Panarea Island

The smallest of the Aeolians is also one of the quietest and at the same time picturesque, events that have made it a haven for celebrities in recent years. In fact, accommodation in Panarea hotels is significantly more expensive than in the rest of the islands. On the other hand there are also more affordable restaurants where you can enjoy portions of local fish.

Panarea Island. Aeolian- Sicily

The typical white houses where electricity was not available until recently have been restored to become VIP summer houses that have made Panarea a Sicilian Capri.

Panarea is itself a small archipelago of islets such as Basiluzzo, Spinazzolla, Panarelli, Lisca Blanca, Lisca Nera, Bottaro and the Formica group. In all likelihood, all of them were part of a single island that fractured after continuous volcanic eruptions, forming a singular and abrupt coastal profile.

The highest peak in l’Panarea is called Pizzo del Corvo, and it gradually descends towards the east with terraces cultivated with wheat and olive trees, while the western side of the island is inhospitable and uninhabited.

The population of Panarea is concentrated in three points, San Prieto, a pier where regular line hydrofoils arrive, Ditella in the northeast and Drauto in the southeast. The western part of the island is uninhabited and there is not even a ring road.

From San Prieto we can use the motorcycle or the boat for rent to know the rest of Panarea. An advisable route will take us south to Cape Milazzese where the ancient prehistoric town of the 14th century BC was located. It preserves the floor plan of 23 cabins, most of them oval and paved with stone. From there we can descend to the sea to Cala Junco, protected by a blanket of solidified lava.

If we dare to rent a boat, with or without a skipper we can go to Basiluzzo, 3 km north. On this island, the result of the latest underwater eruptions, the overlapping lava layers acquire different shades that testify to the continuous eruptions.

The ceramic pieces found and the remains of brick buildings and Roman mosaics verify the presence of settlers here. Even on days of calm sea and transparent waters it is possible to distinguish the submerged Roman basin at about 20 meters after the volcanic action. The coves of Brinca, Bianca and Bianca Piccola, and the caves of Pacià and Carbone are other of Basiluzzo’s treasures.

Boat tours in Panarea

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Boat tours to Panarea




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